Monday, June 6, 2011

More OMOG...

Recently a friend, having come into a job lot of wargaming stuff, flicked onto me a few BMC Yorktown figures he found therein to add to my small forces. More Amercans and Hessians - I mean British Grenadiers - about 10 foot figures of each, but including two or three new figure poses I didn't already have. A couple of gunners, and some poor beggar taking an incoming round. But I got another mounted and a couple of foot officers which got painted up as the reverse of the first lot. At any rate, here are some pics of the boys...

One NCO figure supposed to be aiming a pistol in his left hand and holding a sword in his right was missing his pistol hand and the sword blade. Some surgery on the latter to carve away the hand guard and accommodate a length of wooden rod, and a manual transplant on the other arm gave me a very nice flag bearer. From several angles his pose is dramatic indeed. Unfortunately I have only one other similar figure, which I am reluctant to treat in similar fashion for a British flag bearer. I think one of the American NCO figures (different pose) will have to turn his coat in order to provide at least one bearer (no: Maledict Ranold is another character that will no doubt emerge later on...). Whence comes to that, should he display the King's or the Regimental colour? Tough call...

Unfortunately, the freeby didn't extend to another cannon, mortar or gun emplacement. Never mind. We did get another mounted commander, and now have quite a few officer characters to whom we may attach a name. On the American side: Horatio Styles, George Mashington, Nathaniel Greenyham (or should it be Nathaniel Veridian?); on the Brit: Lord Whye, Genl Portcullis, and Banastre 'Bally' Mirleton.

Portcullis rides a dappled grey horse. To be sure it looks a bit like a fairground mount - one you'd find on a carousel - but I rather like the look of him. A fine steed indeed.

A couple of scenarios using the OMOG concept will be published shortly on this blogspot.
(To be continued)


  1. Hey those BMCs are very nicely painted! I have a large box but never painted them up due to kids...but...

  2. I second Littlejohn's compliment. The figures look pretty damned good--quite a feat considering how awful they are in their unpainted state. I've thought a lot about painting mine, but I have nice plastics and All the Kings Men metal figures needing paint, and I decided to spend my time on better models. I decided to use my unpainted BMCs to play Blasthof Bridge-type scenarios with my grandson. Fortunately AIP "Revolution" cavalry are of the same style, and wear tricorns, thus making them wrong for the AWI anyway!

    Again, great job on the figures. Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Thanks for your comment! I have to admit these figures sat in a box for years without my doing anything with them, until the idea of using them for small scale actions was inspired by the 'Thor Trains' Army Men Blog, and its author's OMOG rules. The paint job is a bit rough but oddly quite photogenic.