Thursday, May 29, 2014

Army Men Portee

 Thanks to several readers suggestions about ways to developing my Army Men artillery, I feel I am making some progress towards organizing, clothing (painting) and equipping my Army Men armies.  Latest in the programme has been these anti-tank gun portees, the pride (or one of the prides) of the Army of Kiivar.
 I did toy - toy, forsooth! - with the idea of prettying up the portees (and other trucks of the type) by adding a proper chassis and floors to the cab.  However, I'll probably leave them as they are - toy trucks - though I am very tempted to 'glaze' the cab windows and windscreen with a gloss black, dark blue or dark green card.
 The lead pictures show the 2-gun platoon in its usual mode: mounted up, and ready to fire from the vehicles. Though vulnerable to incoming, they do have the ability to bug out if things get too warm.  The yellow/light blue/yellow Kiivar flag tab on the uniform sleeves have come out rather poorly (a brush a whole deal duffer than I thought, but poor choice of colours as well).  That will have to be fixed. I might change the green trousers too to a shade more distinctive from the grey jackets.  A bit of outlining and wash to pick out the detail won't go amiss neither.

 Below are pics of the guns in dismounted mode.

 Of course, the guns ought to have wheels associated with them on some way, but the reason for the portees instead of tows was the lack of wheels - not to mention damage to the lug-axles upon which the wheels turned.

 And, finally, Gun A1, crew and portee mount shown separately.  Thanks to Stan Walker for his suggestion - I think it will work quite well.


  1. These have come out rather well Ion.

    Good use of materials at hand.

  2. Thanks, Paul. They ain't going to win any prizes, sure, but I'm fairly happy with them.