Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Kiivar Navy

Further work on the Navies of the belligent nations of the Raesharn-Kiivar conflict, has led to the near completion of the Raesharn surface fleet (two carriers still to be launched), and now the Kiivar Navy.

A while ago I posted some pictures of the Raesharn Fleet as it was then. Here, now, are pics of the Kiivar Fleet - such as it is...
Kiivar's sole surviving Carrier, KNS Condor. As it is slightly larger than the Raesharn carriers, I'm tempted to allow it more aircraft: 5 'flights' to 4.

A 'flight' of aircraft will comprise 1 playing piece, which at the moment looks as though it will be 3 miniature aircraft per stand.

Battleship KNS Eagle, Flagship of Admiral Yueh Tim Lee.

KNS Eagle leading Kiivar's other battleship, KNS Falcon. This ship design is the same as the Raesharn vessels that outnumber Kiivar's own by 4 to 1.

Dive bomber's view of Kiivar's naval might...

A dive-bomber's closer view of KNS Eagle...

Kiivar's cruiser squadron: KNSS Harrier, Peregrine, Goshawk.

A closer view of KNS Harrier.

Finally - a view of naval aircraft flights under construction. Most of these will be single-engine aircraft, though there will be a few twin-engine blokes kicking around - for the sake of variety, mainly. These are to be glued to clear plastic oval shapes in stands of three, and placed atop a cut-down length of semi-transparent cotton bud. The problem is what should form the base. Probably washers - the base needs to be fairly flat but weighty. At 4 flights per carrier, the Raesharn Navy can carry a formidable force of 16 flights - fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers.

The Raesharn aircraft are green, with red within white roundels. Kiivar's aircraft will be dark blue with light blue within yellow roundels...

Oh: nearly forgot. Some landing craft, each capable of landing one unit of land forces, armour, foot, or guns. I've built just 6 so far: need more than that for a credible invasion force!

To be continued...


  1. They look great. If you game with them let me know and Ill pop odown and take some pictures.

    Also you banner is fantastic !


  2. Thanks for your comments, guys. Don M - I've just seen your latter comment. Jono's world is vaguely similar, but has a history going back to mediaeval times and even earlier. The world of Sideon IV contains fauna rather different from that of Earth, though there are the more familiar animals as well. So there are horsed cavalry, but also troops mounted upon the indigenous bepidel 'rantor' steeds. In earlier times, such troops were used, according to Jono's folio, as shock troops on account of the ferocity of their highly trained mounts.

    I have a picture here of the 666th Century Raesharn Marshal Bharusma, 'one of the greatest generals in Raesharn military history, riding his favorite rantor steed "Plunak".'

  3. What wood do you use for those mini Jono’s world warships? Also, what is Jono’s world? Could you do a toutorial for building these miniships? I am really interested and want to build some of these ships.

  4. What wood do you use for these miniships? I am very interested. What is Jono’s World and can you do a toutrial on how to build and paint these miniships? Thank you!