Sunday, September 1, 2019

Bring 'n' Buy, 2019

Assorted purchases from Saturday's 'Bring and Buy'.
I don't do a lot of 'bringing' to this event, and I'm not a huge 'buyer' either. But last Saturday (31 August) this year picked up an interesting assortment of stuff, mostly 'on spec'. Above is my little haul for this year. A paper building, some WW2(?) trailers, a unit of Napoleonic Nassauers, another bunch of figures of which more anon, and 3 boxes of 1930s-40s US carrier aircraft.
Asiatic figures that might well be recruited into the
Army of Turcowaz.
That 'other bunch of figures' were these 5 x 7-figure units - metal figures, 20mm by the look, many with a decided 'Asian' look about them.  My immediate thought was that at last the Turcowaz army would get some figures of their own.  I admit, though, that it will be a bit of a wrench to break up such nicely presented units.  That each has 7 figures is a little bit awkward as well.  Something to think about anyhow.  In themselves, they were a good buy I thought (though I rarely buy anything just because 'it is a good buy').
Nassauers - my most expensive purchase.   But they would
have cost a heap more new!
Brief conversation with vendor:
I had just offered to buy this cheaply priced edifice.  As I handed over the assortment of coins by way of payment, he says:
'You recognised it didn't you?'
'No...' I began, but then, 'Well, yes, actually.  It's a building.'
Quickness of wit is not my long suit.
'Seminary building at Gettysburg.' he says.
'Why, so it is...!'
I actually bought it as a useful generic CBD building.  It will remain a useful generic CBD building.

The green and yellow guys were being sold as Nassauers, and so they shall remain, though most of them are Minifigs French line infantry figures. Minifigs do specifically Nassauer figures, but as they are very similar to the French, it makes (to my mind) little difference. They'll go to my 'Portable Waterloo' project...
A variety of clear plastic WW2 and pre-WW2 carrier
aircraft.  Very nearly overlooked these.  As they were going for
just $2 the box, I bought 3.  I did wonder why the clear plastic,
but realised that painted up with the cockpit perspex left clear
would look pretty OK.

16 carrier aircraft from a Tamiya USS Enterprise kit...
and a Curtiss SBC Helldiver biplane in progress...
Having bought the Gettysburg Seminary, I was about to move off, when I noticed these things. After considerable thought I reckoned they might go with my 'Mighty Armadas' project - overscale against the ships, of course, but maybe not impossibly so. I do have already some 16 aircraft from the Tamiya 1:700 scale USS Enterprise kit - 4 different types, of which I recognise only the Corsair. The SBC biplane was obsolete by 1941, and, as far as I can make out, never saw combat service with the US Navy, though did soldier on as a trainer. In my navies, they'll get to bomb stuff...

Finally: this assorted bunch of trailers and jeeps. One can never have too many jeeps, though it will be the Russians or British who will get them. The trailers are always useful as logistic elements. One can never have too many trailers.

Overall I spent rather more than I usually do, but I had budgeted for twice as much as I actually spent. Actually, adding it up just now, I discover I spent about $20 less than for some reason I thought I had. I could have bought more, but tend to take a very restrained approach to these sorts of things...

Oh, yes: it being due on Saturday, I renewed my club membership!


  1. Great buys, l really enjoyed seeing your purchases. Lots of potential in them.

    1. In these events I generally find myself buying oddments.

  2. These days I try to avoid these things, my cupboard is full of things that had potential.

    The 7 man units look like Minifig S range Crimean War to me. Right to left(their perspective - left to right as viewed)
    Turks, British, French Zouaves (with green turbans instead of the more common white), Russian Caucasian Riflemen, Sardinians.

    None of which prevents them from serving Turcowaz.

    1. Thanks for the info! I rather thought at least one unit was actually European , possibly British. Didn't think of the Crimean war. I have an idea now that I might have passed by some Crimean War Russians, at that...

  3. I do like a bring & buy. One man’s trash is so often another man’s treasure. And you can always take it back next year and sell it.....

    1. There's that, though I rarely sell stuff. I do have a vendor number for the event, but haven't offered anything for sale in well over 10 years. Bit of a hoarder, will swap stuff or give it away (and have received stuff on the same basis). Those Mighty Armadas navies have been sitting in an ammo tin since I bought them back around 1980. I have tinkered with them from time to time. But the 'River Plate' type action was their first!