Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recruits for Imagi-Nations...

Quite a bit of work remains to do on the Imagi-Nations front.
Two line infantry Regiments, a home Grenadier Battalion and a small corps of Pioneers for the Empire (Trockenbeeren-Auslese), another Pioneer Battalion, this time for Altmark-Uberheim, and three militia battalions. The militia battalions will be semi-generic; painted up in all sorts of colours, probably favouring one side or another, but able to be called upon whenever a militia/Grenze/landwehr/home defence unit is called upon. Or a popular rebellion. The Ulrichstein Campaign died in the February earthquake last year. I'm thinking of resurrecting it, with a slight change of narrative, and run it as a solo campaign. There's a bit of a complication with the role of the Herzogtum von Rechberg. I'll have to think of a way around that...


  1. I had a similar sight on my table last night aswell as I tried to work out what figures I had in what units after so long stuck in the box. The good news is I have one unit painted and 2 guns at least and I plan to paint a unit week. Alas though I completely lost all my notes on my ImagiNation details such as unit names. But such is the joy of creating it all again :)

  2. good on you for bringing it all back to life. I am sure that it will prove a good experiance

  3. A little bit of painting to do there Ion!