Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A quick aside...

... Just something that came to mind with Tim Gow's competition for naming rights for his recently built ships for his Little Cold Wars project.  I  didn't come even close to success, unable to do more than identify half the sources of the ships' turrets, and them only tentatively.  But it did give me the impetus to do something I had neglected for some considerable time: to name my own 'Jono's World' vessels of war.
Aircraft Carriers of the Imperial Raeshan Navy.  The pen was by
way of indicating scale, but the angle makes the vessels  look
larger than they really are.
What follows is really just one of the navies.  Those of the exiguous Kiivar Navy have already been named, and I'll have to come up with something else for the Saabiyan Navy allied to Kiivar.

A better indication of scale is the rather munted
matchbox sleeve in the overhead view.
Here is Raesharn naval list:

Aircrft Carriers:
IRS11 (Imperial Raeshan Ship) Abezithebou
IRS12 Adramalech
IRS13 Apollyon
IRS14 Azmodeus

Line-of-Battle Ships:
First Battle Squadron:
IRS1 Put Baphomet
IRS2 Barbatos
IRS3 Beelzebub
IRS4 Behemoth

First battle Squadron.
Same picture as the previous with matchbox added

Second Battle Squadron.
Second Battle Squadron
IRS15 Belial
IRS16 Belphagos
IRS17 Bhairava
IRS18 Botis

Raesharn's Cruiser Fleet: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cruiser Squadrons.

First Cruiser Squadron:
IRS41 Callicanzaros
From left to right as we see them, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cruiser
IRS42 Cerberus
IRS43 Cimijes
Second Cruiser Squadron:
IRS51 Dantalion
IRS52 Decarabia
IRS53 Demogorgon
Third Cruiser Squadron:
IRS61 Eligos-Abigor
IRS62 Erishkigal
IRS63 Erinyes
IRS64 Eurynome

The Navies of Jono's World.  Need more aircraft... The vessels
of the rather colourful Navy of Saabiya  have yet to be named.
I'm open to suggestions...

Meanwhile, the postings on the prologue to the War of Imperial Succession and Big Battles for Small Tables are in draft, pictures added. and will be published shortly.

Links to past postings on Jono's World Navies:
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  1. Very nice, you do need some escorts though...) What type of Government does Saabiya have? Would help with the appropriate names.

    1. Now that is a very good question! If I still had contact with Jono, I'd ask him. I'm inclined to think that of the three belligerents, its government is the most likely to be democratic - at least at some level. Probably a Democratic Oligarchy - not so dissimilar to the type of government with we are familiar!

    2. I forgot to mention that each navy does have a number of destroyers - 12 in the Raesharn Imperial Navy. But after some thought I've decided not to name destroyers but assign them a serial. I'm thinking of beefing up the Raesharn Destroyer fleet to 16, divided into Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Squadrons (In some deference to Star Trek). The Destroyers will then be A1-4, B5-8, G9-12, D13-16.

      Apart from these, submarines, merchant vessels and landing craft, I want to keep the navies simple (though to add a couple of Battlecruisers to the Saabiyan Navy is a temptation I may not be able to resist).

  2. So little and so beautiful! Love these ships!

    1. Thanks, Phil. They haven't seen action yet, though!

  3. Those are fantastic! Well done.

    1. Your unstinting praise warms the cockles of my heart! I quite like them myself... :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers, Tim. There have been a few miniature navies appearing on blogs recently, including your own. I find I'm quite taken with this sort of thing.

  5. Those ships are very nice with a real toylike charm to them.

  6. Very much 'cartooned' in style - they certainly not intended to be in scale. The thought occurs that I could have pictured some 1:4800 scale white metal ships in my possession, by way of comparison. Now, if only I could find a way of mass producing these things...

  7. Damned fine looking ships! Another fine product from your workbench!

    1. Cheers, Brian -
      These were actually completed quite while back - a couple of years at least. But I'd never got around to naming them, although from memory a certain Admiral Yueh is a member of the Raesharn Naval High Command. It was Tim Gow's comp that reminded me... Of course, one never quite knows how the Alpha to Epsilon of Daemonology will go down...

    2. What wood do you use to build these? Could you do a toutorial? What is Jono’s World?

  8. Nicely done Ion. They look a treat!

    That box has a real Scarpa Flow look about it :)

  9. What wood do you use for these miniships? What is Jono’s World and can you make a toutorial on how to build these miniships?

    1. I hope you get to see this. The wood is mostly balsa, but I have found the spatula-shaped ice-cream or ice-block sticks very suitable.

      "Jono's World' was the creation of a young guy who called himself Jono (John-o). He had dreamed up an imaginary world that has long ago been colonised by humans, but who had reverted back to the stone age before recovering, by the year 66940 to the level of technology of World War Two.
      Jono expressed some interest in making it into some kind of war game. However, after about a year he seemed to want to move on. But I was interested enough to carry on the project.

      Tell you what: rather than a lengthy reply here, I'll write up a posting and add links to past articles.