Friday, March 26, 2010

Altmark-Uberheim... Training proceeds apace.

For all one's ambitions and plans, one finds other things supervening and getting in the way. But ... we progress.

The pile of toys I photographed several weeks ago are beinning to take shape. The
15th Altmark-Uberheim Infantry, the Guard have recently been observed on the Parade green of Linberg looking resplendent in their new uniforms whilst trooping the colour.

(Click on image for larger picture)
The colour, by the way, is simply hand drawn and coloured using 'transparency' pens on ordinary paper. I hope soon to have more pictures...


  1. Proud Guards, and certainly the pride of their country and sovereign!

  2. Well done! Lovely troops and a credit to their sovereign. Thanks for posting. - Mike (St. Maurice)

  3. Your troops look great . . . and I certainly would not have guessed that the colour was hand-drawn . . . it looks very good, even professional.

    -- Jeff

  4. Splendid unit indeed. I hope they perform as well on the table top as they look. Is it because of the photography or do your figures have a certain pastel/porcelain like feel to them (which I do really like actually)?


  5. Peter -
    Possibly it's just the photography. I don't as a rule varnish my figures, but I suspect were I to give them a gloss varnish, they would take on a 'porcelain' aspect. I agree that that can look very attractive indeed...

    Come to think of it, I do use gloss paint on some of my Imperialists, and they do look a bit porcelain-like. I'll post a pic or two of the Arenburg Regiment shortly, just to see...

  6. Splendid troops! And great work on the flag! I would never have guessed it was hand-drawn either.