Sunday, May 2, 2010

Altmark-Uberheim infantry..

Some progress on painting infantry. The following not very good photos show The 15th (Garde) Infantry Regiment marching through the mountain village of Ziezaumargoriedorf whilst the 1st (Winterfeldt) and 18th (Prinz von Preussen)await them in the fields beyond.

Whilst I'm about it I thought I'd show some of my scratchbuilt terrain pieces. The trees are bought ones (the annual Model Railways show in Christchurch has been a fine source of bits and pieces). The walls are castings taken from the old Bellona (?) walls. I liked the plain Plaster of Paris colour, so left them unpainted bar the black outlining. The plaster has been reinforced with toothpicks. The red roofed edifice in the middle of town was made some 15 years ago from a Corn Flake packet. Others use 'brick paper' you can get from hobby shops. I found that the dark grey 'brick' on the large building at the back looked good for road paving in towns (though I haven't shown them here). I photocopied them onto ordinary printing stock and glued the result (cut to size) onto thicker cardboard. They make fine village streets. The road you see is from sheets of 'grit paper' one might ordinarily find at the bottom of bird cages. My own discovery from about 20 years ago... :)

The 'column of twos' for road marches gives a nice depth to route columns, which, when playing campaigns, creates a fine problem about deployment from the march in the case of encounter battles. The combination of road depth and standard route march allowance per turn might lead to just two units per turn arriving on the field. Even quite a modest corps will take a bit of while building up if it arrives by the single road...