Thursday, June 8, 2023

"Work in Progress (not much progress)

'Work bench' - a slab of expanded polystyrene.

Thought this blog spot was feeling a bit neglected, so here's a pic or two about what I've been working on. Very. Slowly.

A recent order of Minifig Napoleonics from Caliver Books, really just to round off rather than to add to my Napoleonic armies.  

  • A 12-figure unit of Royal Scots Greys - really a whimsical choice as they really just represent a heavy cavalry formation;
  • 4 figures of Scots highlanders to bring this understrength unit to 20 figures;
  • 2 artillery pieces painted up as Prussian, each with 4 gunners;
  • 4 very ancient lancer/uhlan figures that I've had since 1976.  I finally placed them in my Brunswick corps, but only recently discovered their uniforms were copied from the Austrian Uhlan. So I've repainted them. They are pretty crude figures - I'm not even sure whether they are commercial figures (pre-'S'-range) or home castings.  
  • The Duke of Brunswick - about halfway through painting. My Brunswick Corps comprises
    - 36 line infantry (First generation Minifigs)
    - 10 jagers (Warrior)
    - 4 lancers
    - 4 hussars (Italieri plastics)
    - The Duke
    - Maybe I ought to give them a gun...
The Prussian artillery and British figures pretty much finishes off those armies, as do the Brunswickers, give or take an artillery piece.

4 very ancient uhlans in the service of 
the Duke of Brunswick.  Represents a squadron or a regiment
depending upon which of my rule sets I'm using.

Finally, on Tuesday arrived my first ever consignment of Perry plastic figures - Russian Uhlans. My Russian army is a little short on cavalry, and lacking lights. The metal figures being a whisker larger than the Minifigs - I got them second hand - the Minifig horse, however much I admire Minifigs figures, seemed a little too puny. There are some Minifig jagers that look too much out of scale with this army. At any rate, these hard plastics will do; it doesn't hurt that they are very nice sculpts (I've assembled 3); and that's my Russian army pretty much done.

Probably these will be painted up as the 
Vladimir regiment.  Maybe.

Speaking of scales, my Napoleonic armies vary, and very much depended upon what figures I could get over the last 47 years. My French, Austrian and British armies are mostly Minifigs, but there are other metal figures in all three. There is one French unit/ formation that has several different manufactures; and my Old Guard has a few strangers as well. Mostly one doesn't notice.

My Prussian army comprises Italieri infantry, ditto cavalry but for a couple of 12-figure metal units I bought a bring-and-buy last year, and metal artillery, guns and crew. I decided that 4 guns were too few for this army and bought a couple more. Of course, the plastic figures are dwarfed by the metals - or maybe the metals are gianted by the plastics - take your pick. A pretty army, this ain't, but it is now complete and may undertake its part in my projected 'War of the Nations'.

The Russians are metals, not sure what manufacture (Front Rank or Old Glory). The mix of figure poses makes for a very animated army.  

At any rate, here's some action: French vs Prussian, Russian and Austrians in the final battle of the 'Retreat from Smolensk' campaign. The difference in scales is barely noticeable.

'Retreat from Smolensk' final battle.