Thursday, March 18, 2021

The First Blacklands War - Table of links

The First Blacklands War having reached a conclusion, here is a 'Table of Contents' series of links to the thirty-four (!) postings that made up the campaign narrative.  My thanks go to Bob Cordery whose idea this was. 

The first week of the war


Fleet action

First battle

Each successive line is a separate link, the list following the chronological order of their posting.  Just 'left-click' on a line to link to the blog article.


  1. An excellent project, and very entertaining to follow. What a surprisingly large number of posts on it!

    1. Hi Martin -
      Having counted them I was VERY surprised to find 34. The postings all copied onto a Word file, come to over 200 pages in total. It would make a sizeable little volume...
      Archduke Piccolo

  2. Hello old chap,

    That is a sterling effort fo sure! It will be a tale to tell your grandchildren...(I will not finish the quote for obvious reasons!).. but the point I am making is that it will be something to look back on and who know? Some as yet unwritten passage of arms may still throw up an incidental table top game.

    A magnificent effort - well done that man!

    All the best,


    1. Cheers, David -
      Tell you what: it didn't seem to require much effort during the process, except for figuring out how I was going to do the Scutari thing. I had to scratch my initial plan (which will mean the 28th posting, setting out the 'map', will have to be heavily amended). Probably because I never knew where the thing was going.

      It was helped along also by the encouragement I was receiving throughout.
      All the best
      Archduke Piccolo

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