Saturday, July 20, 2013


A couple more buildings for the Jono's World project.
I needs a railway station... The usual materials: cereal box
and laundry wash packet.  I use the natural dimensions of both...

The laundry wash pack has a double layer of cardboard.
The interior on becomes a 'floor' through from the
street-side entrance to the platform.
The platform is made deliberately short to minimize
the 'footprint' whilst retaining the right sort of look.

The whole clad in brick, stone block and paving,
downloaded from various internet sources and printed out
 on paper.  

The overall effect is a little rustic, but I rather like that.
The windows were simply drawn on cardboard,
 cut out and glued onto the brickwork.

H'mmm... still a little bit of work needed...

A small barn, or grain storage facility,
 used also to store a couple of tanks.

As requested, photographed with 45mm figures to
illustrate the size of the buildings.

A comparison with a couple of HaT Austrian Grenzers.

A view from a different angle.
Since these pics were taken, window sills
and barge boards were added to the station, giving it a much tidier look.

The barn has also received more timbering, painted dark brown,
as you will see in the subsequent pics.

The town of Dohremi - or maybe it's Miredoh - somewhere in
Kiivar.  The railway is HO/OO scale - much too narrow a gauge
 (I feel) for the size of buildings here. 

A couple of vintage cars I bought last century
 that will no doubt be pressed into service as staff cars
 for the Raesharn and Kiivar military.

A locomotive I found in an odds and ends shop, rather larger
than HO/OO scale, though still underscale for the size of
buildings.   It will do, however, if I can supply similarly
scaled coal tender and rolling stock...
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cogg, Sprockett & Splyne (Kiivar) Proprietary Limited.

Almost finished: the factory building for my 'Army Men' project that I have been calling 'Jono's World'.  I don't know what the factory makes, but it seems that Horatio Cogg, William Sprockett and Abraham Splyne hold several patents in their home country for machining machinery.  The Kiivar Branch has been established, of course, for tax avoidance purposes...
As the thing is a shoe box clad in brick paper and roofed with corrugated cardboard, I could have called the firm Fibb and Lye Cobblers Ltd, or Shoehorn, Last and Sole Co.
Early in the construction.  Brick cladding yet to be completed.
Windows for natural lighting drawn on card strips and glued on
before the roofing.

Another view.  The corrugated card will not this time be drawn
as pantiles, left as unpainted or maybe painted dark grey or near black.

The shoe box lid built up into the factory roof.
 It comes very close to being  large (high)
 enough  for 1:72 scale  war games.

The factory very near completion.  my original smoke stack
looked too short and spindly, so I remade it.
The stack and burner lean-to was left unglued to the main

Factory front with inwards and outwards loading doors.
I had intended a raised loading dock, with the doors
accordingly raised from ground level.  But I forgot.

The view of the other side.
The hinges have been added to the double doors because I'm quirky.
I'll probably add a loading dock with a ramp down to ground level

The building disassembled.   The space inside is available
for storage of figures or terrain pieces.

Another view of the disassembled factory.
The corrugated cardboard is what I have been using
 for roofing my Sideon IV buildings.
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sideonian Architecture...

As part of my 'Jono's World, Sideon IV, 'Army Men' project, it seemed to me appropriate to build up a small, generic set of buildings in the appropriate scale.  At a pinch, I guess the OO scale cardboard buildings familiar to us all might have done the job.  But it was whilst finishing off a packet of breakfast cereal that I saw the opportunity to knock up some simple buildings.
 First effort - a simple cardboard house.  The cladding is 'brick paper' downloaded so long ago I don't recall the source.  The roof is corrugated packing cardboard (which I seized before it got thrown out, its potential so obvious the opportunity was not to be missed).

 Rear view.  The house has a door at either end and along one side.  The doors and windows are glued on, rather than cut out of the cardboard.  The glazing or door is drawn on one piece, then a frame glued around it. The whole then applied to the wall of the house.  The roof colour is from a damn-near 40-year old tin of Rowney Fixed Powder Colour - great for roofing.  As the corrugated cardboard then looked rather like corrugated iron, the tiles were suggested by drawing the horizontal black lines.
 A second building tipped up to show the type of building material used; a Rice Pop packet.
The same house.  Like the first, is has been built to suggest possibly two dwellings, or two parts, each of which might be occupied and defended by a squad of infantry or a machine gun section, say.
Here is the Cock and Bull Tavern, the local  hostelry and purveyor of the finest brews and distillates, not to mention the produce of the regional grape harvest; but also serves up the fieriest stew and dumplings that settles in the stomach like a slab of concrete.  If you think that's a load of cobblers' , you'd be close to the mark...
 For this edifice has been constructed from a shoe box, painted yellow and the windows and doors drawn on.  This thing can and will still function as a box.
 The following pictures show a rather more ambitious example of Sideonian architecture - a cruciform dwelling, made from a rather smaller cereal packet.  I added casement windows and other little details.
 You will observe I wasn't overnice about 'accuracy' of construction or finishing.
 This last is some kind of manufactory awaiting construction.  Those two sheets of grey brick will provide the cladding for the walls of the shoe box.  There will be inward and outward dispatch doors at either end, and somewhere a lean-to with smoke stacks.  The stereotypical rip-saw roof will (I hope) create the illusion that this is a factory or foundry or something reasonably important to the local economy.
Since taking those photos yesterday, I added a bit more 'finish' to the cruciform place - extra windows with tile awnings.  The cladding is also downloaded stonework pattern that I had intended as cobbled street.  At that, I accidentally printed sheets in different scales.  Can you tell?
 Different angle.  This thing was fun to build - and it's rather fun to try and imagine its interior layout.  One suspects that the whole dwelling is about two feet sunk into the ground.
 The next 4 pictures are of a column of Raesharn troops marching through a Kiivar village.

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