Monday, April 12, 2010

Nga Tupuna - Ancestors

The following strip was my contribution to a book of cartoons and strips celebrating 1000 years of history of Maori and Pakeha (specifically English) ancestors of New Zealanders. Of course, something like 800 years of the latter take place in England. The strip is based very loosely on a real incident in the English Civil war, shortly before, I think, Marston Moor.

This has been reproduced from my copy of the resulting book - not the crispest, but readable. Click on the picture to enlarge - click again to supersize.


  1. Cool! Nice comic strip. :) As a long time fan of humorous comic strips I like your style. Are you a professional cartoonist?

  2. No. Much as I would like to be. :/ I have started other things and got them published in amateur productions. When Nga Tupuna was published (early 2001, I think) a column about it appeared in a local magazine. My strip did get a nice mention :) Getting paid for doing this sort of thing is tricky these days, though, unlike the cartoonists' heyday of the '30s and '40s...