Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Unfinished Projects - ACW

Reading so many blogs of army recruitment, imagi-Nation building and campaign organizing projects keeps reminding me of all th unfinished projects I have clamouring for attention. I don't think I have a single army in a finished state.

Possibly my ACW armies come closest, and I have been following the 'Old School ACW' blogsite pretty closely, given how closely its author's and my organisations run. Similar to that of the late Charles Grant, withal.

So I thought I'd set out part of my Confederate States' Army - the Ist (Scraxton Scragg's) Division, along with some Horse and Guns.

You see before you, forming the right flank, 1st (Willett B. Allwright's) Brigade:
4th Florida; 5th, 14th and 21st Georgia- 108 figures;
The centre comprises 2nd (Zebediah Z, Zebedee's) Brigade:
2nd, 13th Alabama; 9th, 18th South Carolina - 108 figures;
and at the left flank stands the strong 3rd (Beauregard Cognac's) Brigade:
3rd Arkansas and 11th Texas in the first line; 1st Special Louisiana Battalion (Tigers) and 6th Louisiana the second, and 15th Louisiana the 3rd line. The whole Brigade comprises 127 figures (3 Rgts @27; 2 Bns @ 23).

This, rather unfortunately angled picture gives the overall impression. More pics (and I hope, better) pics shortly. But it will be already apparent that some finishing work is needed - especially uipon the Cavalry (Humphrey Cammell's Brigade);
and the bases might be improved by a bit of flocking...


  1. That is certainly more than a "goodly start" . . . and certainly enough to put on the table top.

    My suggestion is to fight a few smallish encounters and see if that inspires you to do more painting.

    -- Jeff

  2. Well - there was the Plattville Valley affair of a couple of months back...

  3. Have you thought of the Confederates as having successfully broken away and you are fighting boarder wars over where the boarders will be?

  4. Actually Robert (if you ever read this!) I did begin a campaign years ago in which a war was fought in Tennessee, beginning in 1866. Neither side liked the peace settlement (I can't recall the details), but the result was a limited war in that State. Unfortunately, after several mid-sized actions with mixed results, a large scale battle was fought in which my 23 (Union) infantry regiments supported by cavalry and guns attempted to storm a Confederate line of entrenchments. Strenuous effeorts failed to secure a lodgement anywhere, the Union pulled back, but rather than retreat, invited the CSA to come out of their earthworks and attack our line (I didn't bother to entrench, just to make the thing inviting. This the Confederates declined to do.

    So the major armies of the two sides sat down and looked at each other, which would have meant a lot of ineffectual pinpricking elsewhere. But the campaign died at this point anyhow for this or that reason. I rather think I was too precipitate in starting it up, so it wasn't quite ready when it began.