Monday, December 13, 2010

Siege/Garrison Guns

An army just isn't complete without some of the more specialist troops: Pioneers, Engineers, bridging train, siege train...

Having some brass cannon and the wheels from Airfix Ancient Britons chariotry, I bethought myself to construct a company of heavy artillery for sieges and/or city defence. Rather than duplicate for each army such a company that would seldom be required, this troop is intended to be generic.

As I do have a zillion Airfix RHA figures, I can at least create the train personnel for each nation! At that, many of them will no doubt make fine pioneers as well...


  1. !! They look really good. How did you make the carriages?

  2. Carriages were made from bits of balsa sheet that I have lying around. The axles for the wheels and the trunnions for the guns were made from wooden toothpicks. Boring holes through the carriages for the axles were a bit tricky, and I have to admit weren't quite as accurately done as I would have liked, but they turned out better than they might have done!

    The wheels of the Airfix Ancient Britin chariot were, for reasons best known to the company, made solid, instead of spoked. Very well: with a bit of surgery, the wheels from Airfix French Napoleonic artillery substitute for chariot wheels. What to do with the solid ones? My first thought was a whole lot of 2- or 4-wheel carts, but then the idea of using them on siege or garrison artillery seemed very attractive.