Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting back into action...

The earthquake in Christchurch on February 22, though merely a gentle reminder of the forces of nature, especially in comparison to what Japan has gone through recently, was still no light ordeal for many people. Although my home and family have come through OK, it has been a matter of luck as much as anything else.

Here are a couple of places in our neighbourhood that took a big hit.

Meanwhile, I had been waiting since November for my 7 boxes of Wargames Factory Marlburian Infantry, wondering whether they would arrive - what with one thing and another and a few other things besides. But at last they have arrived!

They've been worth the wait: very fine crisp figures, no flash worth mentioning, nicely detailed. I had planned on the standard 36-figure battalion per box, but I found that what you get allows you a great deal of flexibility in designing armies. The 7 boxes I asked for could be done up as 7x36-figure battalions; 9x28-figs ; 12x21-figs; 14x18-figs; 18x14-figs or 21x12-figs. How to decide? Then of course there's the possibility of 6x42-figure regiments; 4x63; 3x84; a couple of 126-figure units, or even (somebody's bound to do this somewhere on the planet) a single 252-figure battalion. Wow!

I was very, very tempted to go the Kingdom of Katzenstein way and create 12-figure regiments. Twenty-one of those would mean a substantial sort of army. I'm not overfond of resisting temptation, but decided upon a scheme which combined two options. The following pictures show Option 1: the 36-figure battalion.

With a command element of two officers, two drummers and two flags; this unit can be split into two smaller battalions of 18 figures, thus: Option 2.

Well, that's something to go on with for the next few weeks or so. I think I'll do them as Imperialists - plenty of variety in uniform colours, with white, grey, green blue and light blue coats...


  1. Trust a wargamer to live through a horrific natural disaster and come out smiling because he has new figures.

    Good to see you back on the blog roll old chap - keep it up. The 36 figure battalion is a far superior beast by the way having a gravitas lacking in it's smaller cousins.

  2. It is going to depend upon your table size and your favored rule set to a substantial degree . . . but I do like substantial units.

    I have 24-man units for my own rules . . . and I would personally not go any smaller than that. To me, they would just look too small to be a regiment.

    As to your house surviving the earthquake, I'm glad. . . . and you should be thankful. My sister-in-law, who lived in Christchurch, lost her house and has now moved to Auckland to get away from the aftershocks and memories.

    -- Jeff

  3. I'm also very glad to see you have survived relatively unscathed - my cousin has also had to relocate to Wellington due to the severe damage to her house (in a sort of dreadful irony, she originally moved to Christchurch from Belfast to get away from the uncertainty and violence).

  4. new figures will always put a smile on ya dial, the figures look quite respectable but when will the horse make an appearance? Im edging toward 24 figs, BP-ish rules and dont see much reason to go higher.


  5. Each to his own, but I like flexibility.

    Quite a few people have quit Christchurch owing to losses of property and/or livelihoods. They reckon somewhere north of 70,000 have left this city with no plans to return. I don't blame them. Yes: we were very lucky, as those leading photos show - those places are only a short walk from here. We just got some minor-looking cracks. I just hope that good fortune continues.

  6. The figures look great Ion ! I havent done anythign myself wargaming or painting wise, the laundry is now home to a chemical toilet and boy does that chemical they sue stink.

    In a few weeks I may try and get back into it but I just don't have the motivation at the moment


  7. Belatedly, glad to hear that things weren't any worse.

    As a Charge! afficienado, I am in favour of 18 man units that can be grouped into larger regiments.

    I think the over all look of the table will depend more on over all numbers of troops than the size of each unit. (72 man brigades!)