Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jono's World: Raesharn Armoured Infantry...

Having received recently a huge addition to my collection of 'Army Men' type soldiery (among other things), it behoved me to make a start on organizing the same.  Several figures being Germanic in appearance - I could see the Airfix and Matchbox antecedents in these larger figures - it seemed to me appropriate that they become  the Sideon IV equivalent of panzer-grenadiers.
 And here they are.  Rather than something historical, I went for a vaguely plausible uniform design of my own: black shirts or uniform jackets, matching camo on trousers and helmets.   At that, there are a few non-regs uniforms in there, especially the Afrika Korps types.  It makes for quite a seasoned looking outfit, I reckon!  I've yet to give them an overall 'wash' and facial features, but I couldn't really wait to see what these guys looked like in pictures.
 The whole is to form a company comprising:
Command Section: Coy Cdr, runner, and anyone else I can think of shoving in there (e.g. radio op).
1st (Mortar) Platoon: 2x8cm mortars, 5 figures;
2nd (Machine-Gun) Platoon: 2xMMG, 7 figures;
3rd (Infantry) Platoon: 21 figures - 2 Sections (5th and 6th) each of 1x2-men LMG team, 1 SMG (Section commander and 7 riflemen
4th (Infantry) Platoon: 21 figures - 2 Sections (7th and 8th) each of 1x2-men LMG team, 1 SMG (Section commander and 7 riflemen
Total strength Armd Inf Coy: about 57.
 That the figures come in quite variable sizes doesn't seem to be noticeable laid out as here, with a platoon sized advance supported by tanks.  I really do wish I had bought the other two PzIVs though.  Nnnnnggggggg...!

1.   Thanks to Paul Foster (Plastic Warriors), the stuff he sent me arriving safely a couple of days ago.  Let's see: most of an Airfix Tiger I (really just the gun and mantlet needs to be found for this);  enough of an ESCI Hummel or Nashorn to have a crack at completing it; and the rocket launchers of 2 Calliope Shermans - which will most likely end up on the backs of tracks as RL technicals in the service of Tchagai.  Some interesting projects in prospect there!

2.   Among the trove Brian (Fist Full of Plastic) sent my way a while back were some items I omitted earlier to mention.  These were Tamiya naval kits: the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier (pretty big item at something over a foot long) with aircraft, and the US Gato Class Submarine with a Japanese Nr13 Class Sub-chaser and a B25 (I think) four-engined bomber.

Probably the handiest item is the sub-chaser, as it could as well be used for inshore or even riverine operations.  The depth-charges might equally well be mines.  I can also seeing it in operation in several projects: my Latin Wars, in the service of Tchagai, or even on Jono's World... 


  1. Thanks Francis. They don't look too bad so far, methinks!

  2. Glad to see they arrived Ion. The tiger was thrown in to give you a turret for the other damaged one you did up the other week...But a man of your talents could convert it without too much trouble into Stumtiger!

    1. The Sturmtiger idea did cross my mind, actually. Food for thought, certes... I would quite like to have a crack at some serious urban renewal - I mean, combat...

    2. A Bergetiger is fairly useful as well...Not too sexy but useful.

    3. I do have a SdKfz 9 kit awaiting my attention. Apparently it took three of them to budge a Tiger I. Well, the Bergetiger is another option... For now priority will probably be given to the rocket technicals...

  3. awesome stuff! those naval items are great. great to see what shall come from all this.

    1. A lot of work ahead of us, that's for sure. I have the box the sub etc came in. About to toss it into the recycling bin, I suddenly thought I might make use of the pics on the back as the basis for cardboard versions of the same. Something to consider anyhow!