Sunday, October 5, 2014

Down at the Club...

War Games fantasy is not really my thing, but the gadgetry and
large monstrous creatures do have a certain appeal.
You know, it is quite 10 months since I last visited the Woolston Club and its war games section.  I'm no longer a financial member, as you can imagine.  But as a friend who had acquired for me on TradeMe some second hand Napoleonic Prussian Artillery (which my army lacked) had a game on, I thought I'd drop by.  Naturally, I had to reimburse the cost of the 3 pieces plus 13 gunners, and my hope that Brent would have brought the merchandise with him was realised as well.

While I was there I figured I'd take a few pictures of the sort of thing one might see at the club. fantasy in one form or another has always been strongly represented, and there were a couple of FoG (Fields of Glory) games as well.

Basil's bat-dragon thing apparently choking on an equine bone...
The picture doesn't do it justice: the thing had a considerable ...
cachet ... on the battlefield...

...along with the wraith-like dude behind the massed infantry.
Meanwhile, check out those dwarfish assault guns.  They would
not look out of place in a Steam Punk sort of game.

Over the years you see more often 'finished' armies and terrain
pieces - great to see! 

One of the two FoG games.  I didn't enquire into the actual armies,
though they all looked Middle to Far Eastern to me. 

Nice-looking armies...

I have always figured that if you are going to have elephants,
you should have lots of them.  Brian Sowman's sub-continental
army taking on Brent's Chinese.

Watching over Brian's army, this fine, pachydermous
deity.  Eat your heart out Cthulhu.
After the action.  I took this picture as an example of the sort
layout I really like: well finished terrain (without going nuts about it)
and imaginatively laid out.  Excellent!

A bit of a quiet day 'at the office', really, but what was there to see was worth a look.


  1. "fine, pachydermous, deity"

    I think that would be Ganesha :)

    1. You'd be right about that. he seems to go well with the elephantine army at any rate.

  2. Nice post Ion. I note you are almost on the 100K page views mate.

    Well done!

    1. 100K views - yes, well. They have been averaging roughly 100 a day since the beginning of last year. I'm not sure how I'm going to celebrate that... :-)

  3. Thank you Ion, those pictures were a treat. It did my old heart good to see a battle line of elephants, so much nicer than King Tigers massed track to track. The bat dragon was also amazing. These were obviously gamers that know how to have fun with a lot of cool kit. I've sometimes also seen that mindset in some Victorian SF types around here, they also seem to have fertile imaginations.

  4. Can't say I go a bundle on fantasy as a war games genre, but I have to say that some of the kit looks pretty amazing once they are painted up. They are very meticulous about that. Mind you, I have had something to say about the marketing methods and practices of at least one of the companies that make these things. But there is no question that the quality of the figures and models is very high.

    Last year I tried painting up a figure for my daughter (usable as a D&D Half-Elven Ranger figure), and partly owing to the complication of the castings, and my compromised eyesight in one eye, can't say I did it justice...

  5. Hi Ion, some nice looking games going on at the club. I am aspiring to get more of my stuff painted. I finally got off the stick and found some frames for the oil painting render of Elchingen. If you would like me to send them to you you can find my email in my blogger profile. Otherwise I could just post my results and you could download them from there.