Saturday, January 17, 2015

Projects go ever on...

I think I posted the following verse as a comment on someone's blog a few days ago, but can\t remember whose.  He was commenting on the continual picking up of projects and then, before 'finishing' them off, moving on to others.  It is a fault to which a have to plead guilty, myself.  readers of Tolkien will recall something very like this:

Projects go ever on: 
Building rock  and building tree,
Hills and woods where no sun has shone,
And streams that reach the edge - no sea;

Over snow by flour strewn,
Or grass-mat cornfield in steamy June;
From deepest night to highest noon,
From brightest day to darkest moon -

Projects go ever on.
The plastic and metal soldiers tread,
Uniforms to be painted on,
Blue and green and white and red...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank's Tony. It's a parody of course, but sometimes the Muse - I forget her name - descends...

  2. You posted this on my blog. I was awed by your poetic prowess!

    1. I searched back and couldn't find it! Thanks. I discovered later that I had written it down. Lucky that, because, like the legendary but unlucky Starkadh, I had completely forgotten my staves. So I posted it here.

  3. Or as Bilbo might have said "You have to be careful, once you begin a wargame project, there's no telling where you will end up".

    1. Quite right, and all! They have taken me to unexpected places!

  4. Staying focused on a project is a major challenge for me as well. I'm trying really hard with getting units ready for Waterloo, but it's just giving me a headache.