Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I'm finding my Blogger reading list being spammed by some worthless outfit flogging wedding dresses or some bally thing.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Has anyone any advice or shooting these beggars down?
Ready... Aim...


  1. Hello. Every now and then I get odd links as well. I used to try and remove them manually -to go to their blog and "unfollow". But it is time consuming. Eventually they seem to just disappear. I also occasionally get a lot of hits in a single day from eastern Europe-Latvia/Estonia etc. Again I have no idea why. I suspect that this activity comes from links to my blog on places like Pinterest or forums.

  2. One of my posts seems to have attracted the attention of spammers, who have continually been hitting it with - well - spam. It also seems the buggers have put links to that post in spammy comments they have left on other peoples blogs.

    Fortunately, Bloggers spam filters are surprisingly good. and the vast majority get caught. I have though about putting the post into draft status for a couple of months just to see if that calms things down.

    1. You could try putting the post into draft but seeing as it´s already been posted and therefore registered on google it probably won´t make much difference...I had the same Thing with a couple of posts...one being the first I ever made on Blogger and I put it into draft mode.. but it still showed up in the stats as getting "visits" . Wether that was down to the source of the pics contained in the post getting visits, the titel, it being linked on Forums I can´t say.

  3. Buy the bloody wedding dress. They could make great rags for wiping your paint brushes on!

  4. I get a lot..they were "clever", putting the comments on older less visited Posts and after I noticed it took me a couple of hours to go through and root them out, that´s why I put my blogs on the "moderate comments before they get posted" function..I get to edit the Spammers out.
    Most of them are down to Internet crawlers (bots) that collect and collate the data..as with Doug I occasionally get a lot of hits from a eastern european based crawler, it always Registers 203 hits/visits in one go, then leaves for a week or so. It screws up the number of hits by giving a false overview of the total number of visits. Without the crawlers the web would become chaos so they do a positive Job, the downside is that the same data (and or crawlers) can be used by Spammers to allow them to post thier ads on platforms like Blogger. You can block them using ad on filters (Bloggers spam filters do that to a greater or lesser degree) but that may mean your blog becoming "invisible" to most search machines.
    Spam? A fact of using the web I´m afraid.

  5. Archduke Piccolo,

    I get the occasional spam comment - usually on old posts - and because I have set my bog up so that comments have to be approved if the post is over a few weeks old, I have managed to stop spamming from becoming a major problem.

    All the best,


  6. A now defunct blog I followed was claimed by an Asian merchantman, generating tons of posts on my dashboard. I had to unfollow it.

  7. I only get about two a month, but they seem to attach to the same one or two posts.

    I moderate comments older than 21 days, which seems to do the trick.

  8. I get spammy blogs from time to time - old ones which haven't seen activity i years suddenly spring to life in a new guise, usually Indonesian for some reason. Sadly none of them sell frocks, wedding or otherwise.

    Spam comments are mostly dealt with by premoderation of comments on old posts. On new posts most of the spam usually takes the form of preachers, who get removed and reported as spam posters, so that Blogger can dish out the internet martyrdom they desire and so obviously deserve.

  9. It's not so much the comments as the reading list. I thought they might be coming through my 'favourite links' feature, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe it's through one or more of my followers, but that seems unlikely. I guess I'll investigate further. Such lowlifes deserve hanging up by the thumbs.

  10. How annoying Ion! None of this trouble for me yet fortunately!