Saturday, August 1, 2015

Army Men Project: Comparisons are odorous...

Kiivar Armoured Infantry Company, together with a squadron
of Cerberus I and II tanks.  The motor vehicle is a captured
Raesharn model, judging by the camouflage pattern.

...But I thought I would show some pics comparing and contrasting the armoured units in the service of  Kiivar (as seen the preceding posting) and Raesharn (as seen maybe as far back as 18 months ago).

Raesharn Armoured Infantry: 5 infantry sections
  plus MMG section.  Mortar section pending...  The
 tripod  mounted MGs attached to each platoon
count as LMGs
In general I allow the figure inventory to suggest the organisation of units and formations.  The Kiivar "Armoured Infantry", 50 figures, formed a company of two platoons each with 3 6-man sections, plus an 'HQ Platoon' of MMG, LMG and light or medium mortar, with an assault engineer section (a bunch of extra SMGs plus flame thrower) attached.

The Raesharn Company is much more numerous, and hence stronger. Its platoons comprise 26 figures to Kiivar's 20: two sections only, but each 12 figures: LMG, SMG (command) plus 10 rifles.  

MMG section at lower left.  The mortar crew will be
gleaned from the cluster of figures at the bottom
of the picture - or may be drafted from the rifle platoons.

This actually gave me 5 sections - not a very 
tractable number, and even then I had to downgrade the smaller pair of tripod mounted MGs to LMGs (otherwise I had 4 MMGs and just 3 LMGs).  The 5th Section was placed into an 'HQ' Platoon comprising this ('Assault') rifle section, an MMG section of 2 guns, and will also include a medium mortar, when I get around to making these things. 

Overall the Raesharn Armoured Infantry Company comprises roughly 70 figures.  I have a feeling that I ought to have thought through their uniform a bit more carefully.  They look very 'SS' don't they, though I had - and have - no intention of their being any such type.  They are intended to be more cognate to the Panzer-Grenadier types of the Wehrmacht.
Formidable opponents for the Kiivar!


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    1. Thanks, Don. There's enough for a small game - when I find the occasion...

  2. Looking good, Ion. I look forward to seeing them in action one of these days.