Saturday, December 17, 2016

Update on Army Men...

Some pics of some recent items acquired and painted up...
Carrier Artillery tractor with crew.
This is by way of an entr'acte between postings on the Stonewall in the Valley campaign narrative. On that score I already have enough material for a good three or four postings, but still have to put together the narrative.  A late afternoon and a morning action have already been fought, and another is imminent.  It is possible that 'Stonewall' Jackson has placed his head in a noose!
Infantry gun and friend...

The spring mecnanism on this one is in working order.
Won't be using it, though.

Armoured car in Raesharn livery camo.
A Kiivar Reconaissance aircraft overflying a Raesharn column
in bivouac.  This was a toy plane I think I picked up abandoned in the street.
It was going to be an interceptor, but I thought it more
suited to a less bellicose role...


  1. Distinctive as always Archduke. Will they be in action soon?

  2. Depends how long I can keep my table up..! :-D I have an ACW action to sort out and play out first. But I'm hoping to knock together a small Army Men action in a few days.

  3. Ion
    I enjoy watching your larger figure projects. They bring back fond childhood memories. I have been tempted for some time to do a 1/32 scale figure game and have oscillated between HotT and Crossfire using some of those delightful 'toy soldier' packs you buy in the cheap 'junk' shops. Maybe ... one day ....
    Kind regards