Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hex Grid Coordinates

Quick one, from the 'Why haven't I thought of it before?' Department.  Reading off the coordinates of a hex-grid map might be made easier by where you place the numbers or letters beside the 'zig-zag row or column.

Here's one I have made up:

Hex-Grid with Row Coordinates aligned with the
bottom half of the hexes in the odd columns, and
so with the top half of the even-column hexes.
Mitigates against visual ambiguity.
The letters marking the row I have aligned with the bottom half of the grid area adjacent, and of the odd numbered columns.  They then, of course, align with the top half of the even numbered columns of grid areas.  Labelled in this way I find it a whole lot easier to determine to which row a given grid area belongs.

Just by the way, in the above map L-even (e.g. L2 etc) are not really on the map.  But L-odd (L1, L3 etc) is on the map.
I always like to add an actual picture to these posts, even
though of doubtful relevance!