Saturday, April 17, 2021

Catching Up ...

A couple of weeks back, I tried out a scenario based on the Battle of Mimasetogu, 1569, between the forces of the famous Shingen Takeda and those of the Clan Hojo.   Rather than do a full account of this battle, I'll just post some pictures with captions.

Set-up: Clan Takeda (Red) attempting to force the defile between 
wooded mountainous foothill.  Clan Hojo (Blue) wait in ambush.

Early combats don't all go Takeda's way...

...Not even when a general leads a mounted charge
into the flank of a band of ashigaru.

As Clan Hojo's samurai come to the rescue, 
the ashigaru seem to be holding their own

Losses so far, even: 4SP each...

Could Clan Takeda be on the verge of breaking
through on the right...?

Perhaps not, as Hojo Clansmen stream into the fray

Heavy losses - especially among the 'quality'. 
It looks even, here, but Clan Takeda has taken 2 
more ashigaru SPs, from a 3 figure stand with
long spears.

Clan Takeda no nearer a breakthrough 
than at the beginning - not helped by half the army
idly looking on.

Battle ends with a stand-off.  Clan Takeda lost 13SP, 
Clan Hojo 11.  But a victory for Hojo, as they held 
the pass.


  1. Archduke
    An attractive game board enhanced with trees. These and the unusual figures look like they are gaming pieces - where are the board and figures from?

    1. Hi Mark. The bright shiny figures are from the board game 'Shogun' (as it used to be called - Since renamed 'Samurai Swords, and then 'Ikusa') - A Milton Bradley game. As it is a very good board game I'm not inclined to paint the figures, but rather to add in some Zvezda mounted figures (as you see here) for cavalry whilst retaining the five coloured factions (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple). The whole thing looks a little odd, maybe, but it's a relatively cheap way of starting a new project.

      The board is from the 'Memoir '44' game.

      Just as well: cooktop went phut last night and replacing the whole shebang (oven dodgy too) is going to cost...
      Archduke Piccolo