Monday, August 30, 2010

Lawn Moss... a question.

Here are a couple of pictures of Freikorps Pandours in the service of Altmark-Uberheim sweeping though some thick country.

The observant reader will notice that much of the foliage presented here one would normally find in an aquarium, but I feel that they will be very adaptable into brush, standing crops (e.g. maize, and possibly vineyards...(?)) and/or hedgerows. But the more natural-coloured greenery comes from my lawn, just this morning.

Rather unusually for this part of the world, we have had a good deal of rain, which has left the lawn damp and mossy in spots. Methought the moss could be put to good use.

Now: here's my enquiry: how to preserve the moss; wipe out the bugs and what-not, but keep its general appearance. Has anyone any experience of this sort of thing, and advice to offer?


  1. Economical and friendly to the environment - bravo!

    Are those Revell plastics charging through the green?

  2. They are indeed. A friend bought a whole bunch of these fellows several years back, gave up on them and flicked them on to me. In the meantime, for reasons unknown he had lopped off the top of several grenadier's caps. For a while I hadn't a clue what to do with these mutilated unfortunates until i hit on the idea of forming them into irregular light infantry, such as pandours.

  3. One treatment that model railroaders used for lichen was a bath of glycerine. You might try a search on Google to see what you can find.


  4. That Aquarium stuff actually looks quite good. I am looking for some jungle related terrain and that actually fits quite well.

    Also - shall we sort out the Thu game ?


  5. I've had a trawl through Google without conspicuous success - may have to cast the net wider... Or else renew from said lawn when the older scraps get too manky.

    OK for the Thursd game, Paul - next week OK for you?

  6. Here's what you need:

    A really useful website:

    Good Luck!

  7. Thanks, Doug -
    So interesting and useful is this site, I reckon I'll add it to my favorite links...