Friday, October 22, 2010

Order of the Lion

The Archduke Piccolo humbly and with gratitude feels honoured to accept the award from the Kingdom of Katzenstein the prestigious and most exalted Order of the Lion (see right). It is now on display in the awards cabinet in the Rathaus in Schnitzel, and the Archduke will of course be wearing this honour upon all State occasions. Thank you.


  1. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein was mortified that the College of Honors has failed to invest Archduke Piccolo into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard. Cardinal Honking Thirst has assured the Reich Duke that as President of the College of Honors, he will personally see that our cousin, Archduke Piccolo is immediately inducted with full honors.

  2. We thank you for the honour shewn us, and will be proud to wear and display such an Ancient and Honorable Order.
    At present, the Emperor Violoncello has placed a request to the College of Heralds at Schnitzel to inaugurate a Most Noble and August Imperial Order of ... Well, the College will have to come up with something suitably noble, august and imperial!