Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A plug o' plew of Padre Madness.

The Mad Padre's Wargames Page
I think what first attracted me to the blogspot Mad Padre Wargames (link below) was the maniac grin of the obviously militant ecclesiatic looking dude pictured in the banner.  This was the grin of one righteously smiting for the right, secure in the knowledge of violating none of the Ten Commandments - not the Sixth, nor yet the Fifth, Seventh, or any other.  This is the smile of one who finds joy in doing the Lord's Work.  Oh, yeah - he's shooting at zombies, I believe.  Hence no worries so far as the Sixth Commandment is concerned.

How could I, not overfond of resisting temptation, possibly resist?  I have ever since been a frequent visitor to this site, and recommend it highly for entertainment and it variety of topics in the war gaming line.

If there is one topic I would like to see more of, it is the adventures of 'S' Commando.  It was one such that led to my 'penning' the following verse.  The pictures are from 'Mad Mike's' blog spot, and the character names are also his.  The versification, , inspired by them, is mine.

A Cryptic Encounter in the Crypt

Sam 'Snuffy' Snape stood only to gape
As Vampirella the Vamp appeared.

Though knocking knees and blood like to freeze,

He wasn't really skeered.

For Padre Tris' Mercer, that practised curser (sorry)

Stood forth with his Cross revealed;

He felt few alarms at the lady's charms

Protected by such a shield.

'Back, fiend!' he cried, as in earnest he tried

To make her disappear.
'Seriously?' she said, the lady in red:

'What have you to fear?'

Captain 'Dicky' Byrd, the moment he heard

The question wondered anew.

It appeared to him in this dungeon grim

Something seemed askew.

In this unholy place, could such a face

Disguise the Father of Lies?

Could ruby lips and fulsome hips

Belong to the Lord of the Flies?

'I fear that your booty will distract from our dooty,'

The diligent Byrd replied.

'We do not have leisure to gather up treasure,

Nor from our purpose to step aside.'

''So lay on no jinx, don't ask us for drinks;

'We will depart now and leave you in peace.

'It's not that we fear you or want not to be near you:

'It's just that you look like my niece!'

Mike, I hope this posting does its bit to hasten your blog on its way to a further 100,000 hits.  Well done.
Here's the link:  Check it out..


  1. I suspect that you are a fan of Robert Service . . . at least your verse has his rhythms.

    -- Jeff

    1. I had no memory of Robert W. Service, so I looked him up. Now that is the sort of 'peotry' I like! :-)

  2. Thanks, Paul. But beware; you never know: I might lapse into verse by way of comment on one of your blog postings one day! You know, something like this:

    'You can hear the tank tracks rattle/
    Abovet the din of battle/
    As the armour makes its move towards the Hun./
    And a dozen arty more/
    Add their hearty roar/
    Whilst the poor bloody infantry join the fun...'/


  3. Beautiful, absolutely, beautiful.