Thursday, December 13, 2018

3D Vision -

Since I first discovered one eye clouding over with cataracts, some 13 years ago, I used to monitor progress by looking for the 3D Images in my Magic Eye book (Magic Eye, N.E. Thing Enterprises, USA, 1993).

Gradually, some of the 'finer grained' images faded from view, until, until just a few months ago my right eye also started to fade, and that at an alarming rate.  Crossing the road was beginning to be a hazardous undertaking. Reading was becoming very difficult and tiring to boot.  So bad was it withal that in August I set wheels in motion to get the problem fixed.  Unwilling to take my chances on a lengthy wait through the public health system, I 'went private'.  Fortunately, I had enough money by that I could pay for it without borrowing.

Now, in mid-December, cataracts have been removed from both eyes; my 'unaided' vision is better than it has been since I was 13 years old; and I am enjoying reading again.  "I can see again!  It's  miracle!"  ... I did so want to be able to say that.  Now I can see all the 3D images in this book, including that on the front cover and the end papers.  Wonderful.

(I found I could resolve these two images 'on screen' as well.    Even up to the end I could still resolve the two with only a little difficulty.  So you might want to give them a go. No spoiler alerts...)


  1. Great to hear that things are better now. Good advice there.

  2. Great, I'm glad the operation was successful. My father and brother have cataractsc so it is something I also monitor.

    1. Cheers, Martin.
      I had the operations 7 weeks apart, the worse one first, the second ten days ago. Still have follow-up checks to come for the second. Then - corrective lenses for distance (My specs from over 13 years ago are pretty good, actually, but I'll need something more ... precise).

  3. Ion,
    That's good to know. I got the impression you were a bit apprehensive about the whole thing.
    Of course that means you can see to paint......;-)

    1. Hi Neil,
      Yes, I was a bit nervous about it all, but the thing went well and was actually quite interesting. No probs at all. Of course, when being briefed about it, the surgeon did not hide from me the risks and the possibility of complications. I have always had a fear of going blind, but the way things were, it was getting hard to function, so I simply had to go through with it.

      Yes, I can see to paint. Started on some plastic figures for my 18th Century Imagi-Nations...

  4. That's great to hear, the eyesight are the one sense that would be unbearable to lose!

  5. Congratulations mate
    That is good news and a very good outcome
    Best Wishes

    1. Thanks, Geordie -
      Yes: very good. First post-op check-up yesterday on second eye - no problemo. Because the replacement lens has a fixed focal length, I won't be able to paint soldiers to a very high standard, at least I can paint them to a standard to satisfy me.

  6. This is great news!

    I may have to undergo this treatment at some point in the future, and it is good to read that your operations were both successful.

    All the best,l


    1. All the best, Bob! You will find the procedure well worth it!