Monday, June 24, 2019

The Portable Quatre Bras.

The Quatre Bras battlefield, troops laid out, looking north.
I shall be interrupting the Chronicles of Rajistan postings for the moment and introduce the following whilst I still have the table up. This was to be the final - for the time being - of my little series on Bob Cordery's Portable Napoleonic Wargame. It seemed to me that the Battle of Quatre Bras might be a suitable concluding action.
Westward view.  The far 3 rows of hexes have been
Posting at this point is also to excuse my delay in posting the AAR of the action at Hak. I do hope you will find, when it is published, it will have been worth the wait.  I have kind of story-boarded my pictures, with notes, and have simply to flesh out the battle narrative.
View from Allied side to the north.  Perponcher's Dutchmen
in position south of Quatre Bras; The Duke of Wellington,
 with Picton's 5th Division, just arriving from the north. 
For now, I'll just leave the pictures by way of a ... trailer.

To be ... resumed.


  1. Archduke Piccolo,

    Two battles whose descriptions I await with great anticipation.

    You certainly know how to dangle a wargaming carrot or two in front of a fellow!

    All the best,


    1. Cheers, Bob -
      The write-ups for these two will keep me busy over the next couple of days or so...

  2. Could we pull off Hex Waterloo ?

    I was given $50 of bunnings vouchers if we need a bigger board.

    1. Hi Paul -
      I was hoping to rope you in on the Hak-al-Amara game last week, but I think you were otherwise occupied. My youngest brother was visiting from up north last Tuesday. I had the Qautre Bras game set up then but not yet begun. Played it out yesterday.

      The 'Portable' Waterloo (uh... sounds a bit 'wrong' doesn't it?) had crossed my mind, too, but I don't reckon it could be accommodated on my 4'x4'4" hex grid. I have that 6'x4' board, which could I suppose be gridded up (it would take 2-3 hours maybe). An alternative might be to get a 6x4 game mat that has been gridded. Something we can discuss anyhow.