Thursday, November 14, 2019

Long Live the Revolution: The Railway Station

Following their success at the Provincial capital of Maimajikwand, the Baluchistan Armed Revolutionary Front (BARF) rapidly gained momentum.  Within mere days, there they were, arrayed before Maibad Junction, a vital rail nexus connecting Provincial Maimajikwand with the National Capital, Nawabsbad, the major sea port, Khandibar, and the natural wealth that lay beneath the hills and mountains to the north (SEE MAP).

Still in command of the government forces charge with resisting the rebel advance, Lt-Col Mugglethwaite had had impressed upon him in no uncertain terms that Maibad had to be held, at all costs. Once again, the Government held the built-up area in strength, keeping one artillery battery in a fortified point north of the town, and another close by the Khandibar road to the south.  The 6th Bananaramaputra Hussar Armoured Regiment now had all four squadrons available.  'D' Squadron covering the north side of the town, the bulk of the armour stood waiting to the south.  The Government 'wings' presented a slight refused front, with the idea of taking any rebel envelopment in the flank.

The size of the Government force was determined by adding 30 to a roll of 3D6.  The roll was a good one: 14, giving 44 Strength Points.  Incidentally, the fortifications protecting 'B' Battery were not included in the calculation.

The Government forces comprised:
Command, HQ and staffs:  .....6SP
6th Bananaramaputra Hussars:
     4 Squadrons with M4 Sherman medium tanks @3SP .... 12SP
17th Choklit-Ghandi Rifles:
     3 Rifle Companies @ 4SP
     1 Vickers MMG Platoon @2SP
     2 Truck transports @2SP ..... 18SP
1st Tchagai Artillery
     2 Batteries, 25pr field artillery @2SP, plus Quad tractors @2SP ..... 8SP

13 units (median 7)
44SP, exhaustion point, -15SP

The size of the Revolutionary force was determined by adding 42 to a roll of 6D6.  The dice-roll came out at 23 - another good roll - for a total of 65SPs.

The Revolutionary forces comprised:
Command, HQ and hangers on:  .....6SP
1st Volunteer Rifles Battalion:
     4 Rifle Companies @4SP
     1 3" Mortar detachment @ 2SP
     1 universal carrier, Mortar carriage @2SP  ......20SP
2nd Revolutionary Front Battalion:
    (as 1st Vol. Rifles)
    plus 1 Vickers MMG platoon @2SP ...... 22SP
1st Tank Battalion:
     3 Squadrons with M3 Stuart light tanks @ 2SP (poor) .....9SP
'A' Battery, Anti-Tank:
     1 6pr medium anti-tank gun @2SP plus portee @2SP (poor) ....4SP
'B' Battery, Anti-Tank:
     1 2pr light anti-tank gun @2SP plus portee @2SP (poor) ....4SP.

17 units (median 9)
65SP, exhaustion point, -22SP   

Battle of Maibad Junction - opening moves.

Please pardon the delays in getting these written up.  The corpore is a little lacking in sano at the moment, so I'm taking things a bit easier.  In fact, the campaign is now 5 battles deep, with the fate of Tchagai still in the balance.  There are many questions to be answered!  So there is plenty more to come!

To be continued:


  1. Looking good thus far, really enjoying these!

    1. Thanks, Don. This is proving an interesting campaign...

  2. Lovely looking battlefield Archduke. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. So do I - bit of a nuisance; hope it's not too serious. I'm surprised at the many positive comments I have received about my battlefields!

  3. Archduke Piccolo,

    Your mini-campaign is really working well, and I like the way that the outcomes of the battles have never been forgone conclusions. It's actually worked out better than my original version, and when it is finished, I intend to mention your battle reports on my blog.

    All the best,


    1. Tell you what, Bob - the addition of the Sea Port to the sequence has added rather unlooked-for complications! We'll come to that in due course. For now, thanks for your kind comments. Yes, the battles have been by and large, hard fought, the outnumbered Government forces, though under pressure, giving a good account of themselves.