Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Electorate of Altmark-Uberheim

A few pics to show the woeful unreadiness of the Elector's Army well into the 3rd decade of the 18th century. Unfortunately, the two Airfix infantry regiments photographed, the Ewige-Blumenkraft leading, with the Muller-Thurgau in echelon have become 'surplus to requirements' since I obtained several years ago a sufficiency of Revell Prussian infantry. Those I have only just begun properly to organise and paint.

Not sure what to do with these fellows. I don't want to repaint them...
That field officer riding ahead of the Muller-Thurgau Regiment is none other than 'Der Alte Blitz' himself, the Elector Draco Spitzensparken. Not a good picture, I fear...

The cavalry will be retained: 2nd Cuirassiers, and the 5th 'von Ruesch' Hussars.

Readers might be wondering how Airfix Waterloo French Cuirassiers acquired their Tricorne hats. Well, among the Airfix AWI 'Washington's Army' there were a whole lot not-really-wargamable figures - dudes carrying the rum ration, two men carrying a wounded fellow to the rear, others lying down on the job, that kind of thing. Fine source of hats. I would like to keep some of the 'rum ration' guys, though, as sappers, possibly lugging barrels full of explosives...

As the Electoral army is supposed to have about 10 infantry units (ranging from the 44-figure Garderegiment to the 19-fig Freijagerkorps zu Fuss), and 6 cavalry there is a lot of leeway to make up...


  1. These two infantry regiments look quite good as they are -why would they be replaced? At worst they could become garrison or territorial troops: maybe one day the Electorate will be more than happy to have them in reserve...
    Your headswappings were an unmitiged success -compliments!

  2. Sensible comment! It is known that Frederick used garrison battalions in his field armies at that. In a campaign no doubt Draco will also find himself casting around for sources of manpower.

    I'll probably retain their present names. As it happens, in a future battle in 1806 the Ewige-Blumenkraft regiment acquitted itself very well against Napoleon's army. (This some 30-several years ago when I didn't have many Napoleonics nor plastics!). You can't go against fate...


  3. Wow Ion,

    I need to find my box of stuff and get the Prince Regent of Rio's army up and running.


  4. I just came across your blog. Since you have an 18th century imaginary nation you might be interested in joining the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog:


    If so, please email me at . . . bluebear@uniserve.com . . . and I'll see that you get an invitation.

    -- Jeff

  5. Very nice to see the regiments on parade in this and other posts. Well done, sir.