Friday, October 15, 2021

Some catching up...

 This is a quick heads up on what's coming on this blog soon.  Really just catching up on a variety of stuff that's been going down...

1. Long Live the Revolution:  A further episode in the occasional campaign in distant Tchagai.

Second Battle of Maimajikwand

2. The Second Sino-Union War: A proxy campaign closely based on the ideas of Tony Adams, author of The Woodscrew Miniature Army blog.   

Opening battle of the war...

3. The Battle of Kantsi Strait:  The long ago foreshadowed battle between the heavy units of my 'Mighty Armadas' battleships.  

The combined navies of Kiivar and Saabia 
challenge the mighty Ra'esharn 
Cacodaemon class battleships.


  1. Archduke Piccolo,

    Lots to look forward to! I can hardly wait!

    All the best,