Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grand Duchy of M'yasma

Whilst waiting for the opportunity to wargame the famous epoch making - and breaking - Battle of Potsalava - I thought I'd at least show a sampling of the formidable forces at the command of Constantine the Grand Duke.

To begin with, the light brigade, in which the sober elegance of the Pavlograd Hussars (Revell) is contrasted with the insouciant ebullience of the Malakhov Cossacks (Airfix Brit. Hussars, with piano-wire lances stuck through their right hands). A couple of other views...

... and to follow, Butyrski Infantry carries out exercises with 1st Field Company, the Grand-Ducal Artillery.

As the 1st field company loads and prepares to fire, Butyrski infatry, led by its Granadier Company, draws alongside at the double upon their left flank.

... and one final picture...


  1. Ion,
    that what you accomplish with your collection of 1/72nd and airfix soldiers makes me think. Do I really need Perry models to have a good game? But on the other hand -if not playing solo- you need to have your collection somewhat compatible to your potential opponents. Of course one can always collect both opponent armies...


  2. So colorful and deliciously 'Old School'!

  3. As it happens, it is my usual habit to collect at least 2 historically opposing armies for any period, even ancients (Byzantines and Bulgars/Georgians), Yorkist and Lancastrians).
    I would probably play solo games if I could (and my blog would rattle along a bit faster), but don't really have the means of leaving a table set up for more than an evening...