Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wholly romantic Empire - prologue continued....

The battle described in my last posting was fought between the armies of my daughter (Ursula - Ursaminor) and the daughter of a friend (Caitlin Burnett-Jones, the Landgravina Ekaterina of Jotun-Erbsten) on the one side; and one of my armies, that of Constantine IX, Grand Duke of M'yasma, played by myself.

For maybe two hours the M'yasmans came under heavy pressure, but it's being a very hot day, and once the sausage sizzle came on (the game was played at the Woolston Club) the girls got a bit bored and the pressure slackened. As it would. Never mind: it was fun while it lasted!

Since the map in the previous posting is not oriented how I'd like, I'll try again...

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  1. A promising prologue indeed!

    And how lucky you are, to have an opponent / partner in wargaming at home! I tried, some 20 years ago, but my daughter felt video games more attractive than pushing minis, rolling dice and cross-reading casualty tables...