Sunday, January 24, 2010

Age of Unreason... continues...


  1. Archduke,
    I finaly caught up with you. Very inspiring indeed. I love what you did with the old Airfix miniatures. I'm a follower now.


  2. Thanks Peter - I acquired those Airfix figures when they were just about the only ones available. At that, for all their peculiarities, I reckon the best of the Airfix figures are full of character, and look great - especially the foot - with a little bit of effort. I make no bones about performing surgery on them for needed modifications...

    Against that, I will give a bit of a plug for the rather characterless ESCI figures, though. The main problem with Airfix was that you couldn't mix figures in a unit (one or two poses maximum, as I've done with my plastic Armies. But ESCI figures, randomly mixed in a unit, gave a wonderfully animated effect you just couldn't get with Airfix.
    My American Civil War armies are all plastics - mostly Airfix, but the Union has a Brigade of ESCI figures. I will post a photo shortly on this blog to show the contrast in overall effect.
    Peter - I enjoy your blogs as well. How do I join your Imagi-nations - and how does it work? Perhaps an e-mail through the 'Old School Wargamers' group might let more people know?

  3. Great work on the comic! I have dabbled a bit in drawing comics myself, but nothing as good as this.