Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Napoleonic 'Logical' Campaign...

The action at Falsover River, purporting to be the opening passage of arms in the Campaign of 1813, seemed to me a fine beginning to what I call a 'logical campaign'. This isn't fought on maps; rather the next battle is seen as a likely consequence (or subsequence) of the one that went previous.

Now, this XIV Corps is advancing rather on the flank of Napoleon's main thrust, with a view to fending off any moves made by the Prussians and other German Allies against the left flank of Napoleon's irruption into Germany. Not that this is a static role. To maintain this coverage, XIV Corps must keep pace with the main body's sweep.

Having forced the crossing at Falshof village, Marshal Dubonnet has been pursuing the Allied forces for two days, until shortly before reaching Grosshuntersdorf, 9th Hussars lost contact with Gen. von Jaxen's troops. In their haste, the French column has become rather strung out; but don't realise that von Jaxen has formed a battle line somewhat to the flank of the French line of march...

The whole scenario is based on the 7YW battle of Grossjagersdorf, on a rather compacted scale. Of course, the thing wasn't quite an ambush, as a deployment too close to the French (Russian) line of marcg would have been discovered quickly. As it transpired, the Prussians weren't strong enough on the day to give the Russians more than a fright. It will be interesting to see how the Grosshuntersdorf battle goes...

Meanwhile, both armies have had to reorganise somewhat after the blood-letting at Falsover River...

Orders of Battle:

7th Cuirassiers, 12 figs
9th Hussars, 12 figs
2 Light Infantry Regiments 48 figs
5 Line Infantry Rgts 120 figs
2x8pr companies 8 figs, 2 guns
1x12pr company 4 figs, 1 gun (the other having been left as a bridge guard at Falshof).
Total: 204 figs, 3 guns.

This is less certain and will depend on certain decisions made by General von Jaxen.
However, it is known that the survivors of the Falsover action have been joined by a fresh regiment at full strength.
The like composition is...
6 Line infantry @ 20 figs 120
2 (3?) field coys @ 4 figs; 8, + 2 guns
8 (7?) Horsed Squadrons @ 4 figs; 32 troopers
Total: 160 figures

Not a huge battle by any means (I use a double scaling system that works out roughly 1 figure to 50 men, 1 gun to 8.
This translates, then, to 10,200 Frenchmen with 24 guns, against whom some 8000 Allies with perhaps 16 or 24 guns are assembling for a second battle.

Meanwhile, certain apprehensions are already being felt in Berlin, as the local news agents apprehend a repeat of the 1806 debacle...

To be continued...


  1. Promising...

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  2. Hi Jean-Louis -
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  3. I've figured it out. Thanks for the advice, though! I wouldn't have realised the purpose of the labels otherwise!

  4. In the near future I will have the following available:

    4th '3rd East Prussian' Infantry Regiment (20)
    16th Infantry Regiment (20)
    1st East Prussian Landwehr Regiment(30)
    East Prussia Jager (20)
    1st West Prussian Landwehr Regiment(30)
    Lithuanian Dragoon Regiment (12)
    6th Hussar Regiment(12)
    1st West Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regt(12)
    2 Batteries Foot Artillery

    Mourmansk Infantry Regiment (20)
    21st Jager Regiment (20)
    Count Arakcheyev Grenadier Regiment (20)
    Astrakhan Cuirassier Regiment(12)
    Finland Dragoon Regiment (12)
    2 x 6pdr Bty, 1 x12 pdr Bty