Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ursaminor - Back history continued...

In the last posting I spoke of the campaign of Ursus XII, Prince of Ursaminor, deep within the Grand Duchy of M'yasma. The scene was set for the climactic battle when the M'yasman relieving army came up and interrupted the Ursaminorese siege of the small fortified town of Potsalava.

Here is a rough sketch map, taken from the folio of Col. Eirik Yxkull, Topographical Engineer with Ursus XII, shortly after the battle:

Orders of Battle were:

Grand Duchy of M'yasma
Commanded in person by Grand Duke Constantine V
Apsheron Infantry (less Grenadier Coy)
Butyrski Infantry (less Grenadier Coy)
Ekaterinburg Infantry (less Grenadier Coy)
Galicia Infantry (less Grenadier Coy)
Podolia Infantry (in Potsalava town)
4 Grenadier Coys (in redoubts)
1st Feldjager
Potsalava Militia Infantry (In Potsalava town).

Chevalier Garde
Mitau Dragoons
Pavlograd Hussars (marching towards Potsalava)
Malakhov Cossacks

2 Field Companies
1 Garrison Company (in Potsalava town).

Principality of Ursaminor
Commanded in person by Prince Ursus XII
Livgarden Infantry
Ursaminor Converged Grenadiers
Ostergotland Infantry
Sodermanland Infantry
Vastmanland Infantry
Norrbotten Infantry (remaining in the siege lines in case of a sortie)

Rijkswacht te Paard
Kronoburg Dragoons
Tevastehus Uhlan
Kopparburg Hussars

2 Field Coys (6pr)
2 Siege Coys (24pr)(in parallels before the walls of Potsalava)
1 Coy Pioneers

Being the sort of military obsessive he was, Ursus had kept his infantry trained to the highest pitch of efficiency. So all foot units are treated as grenadiers for shooting, but only the grenadiers are so treated for morale.

I hope in the near future to have a pictorial account of this history-making and empire-shaking battle...

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