Friday, February 18, 2022

Woodscrew Campaign: Table of Posts

  1. The Second Sino-Union War
  2. First Action
  3. New plans
  4. Battle of Weshall Pass
  5. Bidwell's Holding Action
  6. News Flash
  7. Strength Returns
  8. Carnage on the Trail
  9. Chinese Offensive
  10. Unlocking the LOC
  11. A Deadly Reckoning (1)
  12. A Deadly Reckoning (2)
  13. A Deadly Reckoning (3)
  14. A Deadly Reckoning (4)
  15. Après le déluge 
  16. The Final Faze
  17. Yellow Journalism and Purple Prose
  18. Final Battle
  19. Debrief


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  2. Sorry...ridiculous typo/predictive text errors in my previous comment , which was.....I think you may have too much time on your hands! 😄

    1. M'mmm... yeah, maybe. But I had planned on this anyway, and I'm thinking of doing more of the same kind of think for other 'campaign' series. I forgot to put a label on this one, which I will duly fix.

      I was hoping that I could do more like the gadgety thing for the 'First Blacklands War', but it seems I can't do that - I'm allowed only the one. So they will fetch up as separate 'T of C' posts.

  3. Wonderful campaign and narrative through out.

    1. Thanks, Peter -
      I had a ball playing it, and thanks to Tony for his blessing of the project.

  4. This has been useful to me. I am STILL drafting the next chapter of my Imagi-Nations posts and have spent hours re-reading all your reports and making notes to ensure I have a fluid understanding of all the actions. This list has enabled me to verify my chronology...thanks. As an aside....reading the whole campaign in one go is actually like reading a book, a very exciting and well written book...well done. Regards.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Tony. I've read it through from go to whoa myself, and found the thing quite entertaining, if I do say so myself!