Sunday, March 19, 2023

Long Live the Revolution: the Whole Story

Here are the links to all the postings for the whole 'Long Live the Revolution' campaign narrative, from the small beginnings in a regional market town, reaching as far as the national capital, and finally receding to whence it came. This list means you won't have to fossick among a whole lot of other postings, especially for the last few chapters.

1.   The War Against the Raj

2.   The Opening Battle - Madasaiwannabe

3.   The Provincial Capital - Maimajikwand

4.   Battle of Maimajikwand - continued

5.   The Railway Station - Maibad Junction

6.   Battle of Maibad Junction - continued

7.   The Sea Port - Khandibar

8.   Battle of Khandibar - continued

9.   The Capital City - Nawabisbad

10.  Battle of Nawabisbad - continued

11.  Return to the Station - The Government Counter-Offensive

12. Second Battle of Maibad Station

13. Return to Khandibar 

14. Return to Maimajikwand - The Government Resurgent

15. Second Battle of Maimajikwand

16. Full Circle - The Final Chapter

Will there be a sequel?  Possibly.  And maybe we haven't heard the last of Colonel Peenut Buttahjars, either. The Nawab, Maibiwih Khan, forbore to visit much in the way of reprisals against the townspeople of Madasaiwannabe, figuring that those who didn't accompany the Colonel into the northern hills were probably not revolutionaries anyhow - or at least, not fanatical about it. He figured that some punishment against provable recreants - for a given value of the 'proofs' - were sufficient, lest he exasperate the populace into a more dangerous revolt.

More to be apprehended was a neighbour to the north. Nimruz, a semi-arid, half desert and half mountain country, was to develop a rather unhealthy interest in some rich mineral country along the Tchagai border. This would lead to border incidents, the Nimruz army fueled by large quantities of equipment supplied by the vast Confederation of Collaborative Collective Peoples - the CCCP.

The Empire of Harad, and its neighbour, the 
Nawabate of Tchagai.


  1. Thanks for posting…now to settle back and read through…🙂👍

  2. Archduke Piccolo,

    Thanks very much for doing this as it means that I can easily read the whole story of the campaign from start to finish very easily.

    Here’s to the next campaign!


    1. Bob -
      Yes, it is high time the Kavkaz Campaign was resumed and concluded. I have other campaigns clamouring for attention. One - for which I have a map and OOBs prepared - is the 'Hundred Days On One Table'.

  3. Wonderful idea, much help in reviewing a long running sojourn. Thanks!

    1. Cheers, pancerni -
      Helps when there are other topics interspersed amongst it all.

  4. There’s a whole lot of reading to be done there Ion. Still, now we know the outcome, we can read through and see if we can spot the crucial moments, the points where the campaign “turned”. Was it ever down to a single dice throw, or was it slow progress?

    1. Geoff -
      The thing came down to a pivotal battle - the attempted storming of the 'National' capital, Nawabisbad - that ended the Revolution's tide of success. Before then the BARFists had been having things all their own way. Subsequently I rather expected more of a see-saw campaign, but that's not how it turned out. So the story turned into a pivotal 'contrast plot' or, if you like, a circular plot. It could have been quite different.